The company

Dear friends,

Company Star Nails – SERGIO founded in 1986 by SERGIO KOUROUPIS, after a 4-year successful service in artificial nails in Hamburg, Germany, continues its steady upward trend in the wider range of production and distribution of artificial nails and cosmetology products both in Greece and in many European countries.

Star Nails – SERGIO always tries and has succeeded in manufacturing, packaging and having the best in the International market in terms of material quality and while improving its European design every day, nevertheless remains to sell its products at relatively affordable prices.

Star Nails – SERGIO presents here the basic collection of products from which you will be able to discover those products that will give you immediate solutions to your daily professional needs.

SERGIO KOUROUPIS will always be at your disposal for anything you need in terms of materials and your information in terms of technical information.

Business data

Company Name: Stergios Kouroupis Sole Proprietors Ltd.

Address: Michali Karaoli 12 – 16, Dafni, PC 17235

VAT NUMBER. : EL095456363

Tax Office: Ag. Dimitriou

NO. GEMI: 709801000